All Love My Smile Center prosthetics come with a warranty from the date of clinical installation. This warranty exclusively covers any manufacturing defects, prosthetic tooth loss due to normal use, prosthetic fracture or chipping, function, and necessary attachments on implant-retained prosthetics. During the warranty period, Love My Smile Center will, at their sole discretion, repair or replace the entire prosthetic or parts of the prosthetic that prove to be defective during normal usage; no coverage on loss/misplaced items.

Terms & Conditions
The patient must be in good financial standing with Love My Smile Center or its financial assignees. The patient agrees to participate in all periodic evaluation appointments as prescribed by your providing clinician. All periodic evaluation appointments must be attended at least once a calendar year from the date of your first appointment for therapy. The warranty excludes additional teeth added to a prosthetic due to natural tooth loss or extractions, loss or misplacement of your prosthetic, or provisional and/or immediate type prosthetics.

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