Post E-Day Recovery Tips

Your Extractions Are Done, Now What? Recovery begins! The healing process will vary from patient to patient. Some people will experience a quick and minimally painful healing process and others may require more time and may endure more pain. The first 48 hours after your surgery are most vital to making sure your gums and bones heal correctly, so it is very important that you follow your doctors post care instructions. Here are some tips you can reference to make this time more tolerable:

Apply Ice to your cheeks and jawline near the extraction site in 15-minute intervals for the first few days after your surgery to help with swelling and pain. You can still expect to see some bruising.

 If Antibiotics were prescribed to you, be sure that you take them to keep any chance of infection away. If you were prescribed any pain medication, take these as instructed to try to stay ahead of any pain and discomfort.  

Avoid Spitting or any movement that may cause suction, which can force out the natural blood clots that have formed at the healing site. Blood clots are an important indication that your bleeding is stopping. So, when rinsing your mouth, it’s important not to spit, but instead just let the liquid naturally drain from your mouth.  Drinking through straws will dislodge the blood clots, so be sure to avoid straws as well. Take lids off any drinks you have or use spoons for frozen drinks. Smoking cigarettes for the first 5-7 days is not recommended, since it can cause suction and infection, caused by the smoke from the cigarette.

Keeping your extraction sites clean by rinsing (but not spitting) with the saline solution your doctor has provided you with is necessary to keep infection away. You can also lightly brush to keep your mouth clean, but brushing too hard can damage your stitches and cause some pain, so be sure you’re brushing lightly.  

rest, Rest, REST!! Resting is so important in those first few recovery days. Too much strenuous movement can cause bleeding. You will likely need to take time off from work and from working out. Don’t rush back to regular activities before you’re ready, you will benefit so much from taking enough time to heal. Kick your feet up, keep your head elevated and start that show you’ve been dying to watch.

Remember, most people have different healing experiences. Don’t try rushing through your recovery. If you develop a fever, nausea, or redness these can be signs of infection. As well as pus from the extraction site, or severe pain that lasts longer than a few days past your procedure. If you are showing any of these signs, call your doctor!