Precision Fit Partials

Custom fabricated to restore your bite, your smile, and your life— perfectly. Quite often, a comfortable, life-like, partial denture may be perfect for individuals who need to replace some missing teeth. “Partials,” as they are known, are built around existing natural teeth, and secured to those teeth with a variety of comfortable methods, such as metal clasps, or form-fitted flexible materials that seat through memory materials. Love My Smile Centers creates custom, patient-specific partials that are second to none in quality, fit, with life-like esthetics.


A Partial Denture for every smile and every budget.

At Love My Smile Center, you will find that our denture teeth are superior in quality and artisanship, color, and anatomical fit. All of these qualities are common to all of our dentures, while certain aesthetic qualities differentiate each product line under various lighting conditions.


The Perfect Smile Precision Fit Partial

Budget-Friendly, with incredible wear resistance, anatomically ideal, and of course, they are a perfect fit for each patient. With a limited number of tooth shades, this is an excellent choice for the budget-conscious who want a high quality, long-lasting denture.


The Rekindled Youth Precision Fit Partial

Highly esthetic with precise anatomy, Rekindled Youth Partials feature three-layer teeth for additional strength and durability and is available in most dental tooth shades with excellent lifelike translucency. This high-quality partial denture is your choice for overall value and a smile that brings forth the ageless you.


The Next 2 Natural Precision Fit Partial

With four-layer teeth that have the most impressive anatomy, translucence, and a full range choice of tooth shades, our Next 2 Natural Partial Denture looks natural in all lighting. This superior partial has amazing wear and durability characteristics with long term stain resistance. Next 2 Natural is the choice for a totally ageless look and optimum partial Life-Like accuracy.

Affordable and Guaranteed!

At Love My Smile Center, we guarantee our Precision Fit Partials for four years. Please review our guarantee and check out our prices.