Implant-Retained Dentures

Innovative, secure, beautiful choice for the patient who wants a semi-permanent dental solution. If you have significant tooth loss, failing teeth or feel uncomfortable with conventional dentures, then an implant-supported denture is the optimum solution for you.


Revolutionary Design

These revolutionary dental prosthetics look, feel, and function like your real teeth with significant health benefits such as preventing bone loss, jaw sag, and limited palatal coverage, which improves your ability to enjoy the taste of your favorite foods. Implant-supported dentures from Love My Smile Center are easy to clean, and you never have to go another day or night without beautiful teeth again.


An Innovative Solution

At Love My Smile Center, we have innovative solutions for implant retained dentures that will far exceed your expectations. Our My Secure Smile and Snap2Natural dentures perform like a full mouth implant reconstruction at a fraction of the investment. Each of these dentures is an anatomically accurate prosthetics, available in all-natural tooth shades with true to life color density, with beautiful, durable four-layer teeth. The optimum choice for secure and beautiful dentures, one that is easy to clean and one that you can wear 24/7.

Affordable and Guaranteed!

At Love My Smile Center, we guarantee our Implant-Retained Dentures for four years. Please review our guarantee and check out our prices.